How you protect your accounts, safeguard your information, and monitor threats and potential phishing attacks are the most important factors in maintaining your digital security. Some of the worst celebrity hacks of all time have targeted Apple IDs because they provide access to so much of our digital lives. Identity theft and fraud protection for your finances, personal info, and devices. My Apple Ipad 2 was sent to me by my Big Brother in London; whom said that he bought it a second_hand….. I couldn’t complete the set up of the phone because its requesting for an Apple ID which neither I nor my Big brother knows. I transferred my past purchases to the new computer, and some of them won’t play.

First of all, you can try the steps below to achieve the task without downloading any software. Apple devices are like the most secure and password driven devices of them all. You can’t just access any part of the device or software without a verification.

Unlock Your iPhone and Change Your Password

4Anime has a simple and concise interface with only several ads banners and occasional redirects. You can watch anime online with this alternative to 4Anime. There are a lot of anime videos on YouTube, which may surprise some of you. On YouTube, you can watch anime on licensed channels like Animelog, Muse Asia, AniOne, and others.

The reason for the shutdown is unknown, but the domain host was served with a subpoena demanding the names and addresses of the site’s operators. Explore this article further to learn more about the 4Anime shutdown and what alternatives are available.

remove 4anjme

You can now replace it with whatever text you’d like. If you invited people to a folder, you can also unshare that folder. Click the dropdown menu beside the name of the person you want to remove from the file. Click either Link for editing or Link for viewing depending on which link you’d like to remove. Learn how to tell which method you used to share a file. remove Charm Savings To go more in depth on branches and learn how they work – Git Branches Tutorial. The -a flag (an alias for –all) shows all branches – both local and remote.

Free Tools

Like the AirTag, the CARD Spot supports Apple’s Find My app. The circular Chipolo ONE Spot will not be sold by Apple.

If you’re recording camera video or even a webcam, video lighting will make a big difference in how you look, and the overall quality. Recording your screen is a great way to make a YouTube video without a camera. At TechSmith, we think Camtasia is the perfect video editing software for beginners. And, it has the power and versatility to level-up with you as you gain more skills. A lot can be done with things like screen recording software, a simple video editor, or a smartphone and a little bit of creativity.

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