I received a phone call today from a scammer who got me to open event viewer which showed about 17,000 errors. The spammer descibed himself as head of security at my ISP and offered to fix the errors. I asked him for his name and he side-stepped the question. I had to hang up on him 3 times before I got rid of him. I have never opened event viewer before and am suprised that I did not see any prior warnings of this particular scam. One thing I’ve always done with a new computer is change the logging level of the Application and System logs. By default the size limit and time limits are very small, usually old files are deleted after a mere 7 days in some installations!

hard drive errors in event viewer

8) Upon pressing F4 or F5, you’ll get into Safe Mode where you can troubleshoot desktop or application-level issues. TYPES for a list of datatypes used by these commands. The boot configuration data store contains boot configuration parameters and controls how the operating system is booted. These parameters were previously in the Boot.ini file (in BIOS-based operating systems) or in the nonvolatile RAM entries (in Extensible Firmware Interface-based operating systems).

Run Automated Repair

The most convenable way of resolving the “The Device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 has a bad block” error is to perform a CHKDSK scan. This built-in utility will scan through your entire hard drive for bad sectors and replace any corrupted occurrences with a healthy sector. After you have found which hard drive has the bad blocks, you must check that drive for bad sectors and mark them, by using the CHKDSK command. Additionally the CHKDSK command verifies the file system integrity and fixes logical file system errors. As a rule, you can disconnect your hard drive, connect it to another computer and read event logs as files there.

Click Run to list shortcuts to all the executable files that run at startup. Look for keys based on the name of the uninstalled applications or the vendor and delete them. Click Ask me later at the Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically screen. You can install updates for your Windows 7 once this process is done.

Repair your system

This problem can also be solved by updating the BIOS . Some games may prompt for other DLLs; refer to the individual game pages for installation instructions. I’ve actually been having an issue with my internal NVMe drive and 2004. I had to update my BIOS to support booting from NVMe (it’s a 5-year old motherboard) and it blue screens for a Page Pooled Memory issue whenever it boots 2004. Oddly 2004 works fine on a SATA SSD and 1909 works fine on the NVMe. The hold prevents affected devices from receiving Windows 10 version 2004 or version 20H2.

If you’re experiencing a hardware issue make sure you have the latest drivers installed on the computer. I had the same thing happen with the cryptic ‘warning’ message and the inability to access or upgrade my Norton anti-virus software. An alternative would be to boot into a Linux Live CD (Ubuntu, Knoppix, others…) and use that to copy only the files you want off of the external drive. As long as you don’t run any software that’s on that drive, you’re probably OK to plug it in and run a virus scan on it. The problem is auto-run – it may automatically run software as soon as you plug it in. You could turn it off system-wide before plugging in the drive. “Reformat your hard how to fix error 0x800B0101 disk” is not the same as “Restore to factory settings”.

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