Dominican women are really motivated to start a relationship and are devoted to it. Over 1,000 Dominican women immigrate to the US to get married yearly. Intermarriage is common in this country, and local girls are open-minded, tolerant, and friendly enough. People in the Dominican Republic easily start relationships, and if everything goes well, things are moving much faster than in America.

Not all Dominican women are outgoing, assertive, social or even aggressive. Every women is different and if you don’t like it then simply shut the fuck up. Fourth MONEY REQUESTS…… women do not work hard from 9-5 to be written on the internet like this. Yes some are gold diggers, yes some have like 5 boyfriends who pay everything for them but why even highlight that as a key point?

If you don’t have a sickness for the thickness like I do and you care about girl’s faces, let me tell you that Dominicans girls don’t have pretty faces like most Colombianas do. As you can probably guess by now, skin color will vary across the economic scale as well as by region. However in other parts of the island people will have caucasian features regardless of class. This guest post on Dominican women is by my friend El Conquistador, who has spent significant time there. He’s traveled throughout Latin America, Asia, and parts of Eastern Europe and continues to rate Dominican girls extremely highly. You can marry a Dominican woman in her country and even get a marriage license. Yes, you are now legally married, but your fiancée does not automatically become a US citizen.

This has led most of them to work in the free-trade zones, or zonas francas. This law was promulgated on January 27, 1997, with broad support from the current Administration. Maternity, whatever the condition or status of the woman, shall enjoy the protection of the government authorities and has the right to official assistance where there is such need…. There are so many narrow-minded people who would say anything negative about them without having proof. I always think the nationality question is a dumb one; I’m f’in AMERICAN, and obviously so. I’m mixed, I do not identify with any particular tribe in Africa, any more or less than I identify with any particular Native American tribe that might make up my ancestry.

I am beginning to think that Dominican Republic is Westernized. After all, its neighbor Haiti is pretty much the total opposite.

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