Combined with nationalism fostered by war, it helps to create a feeling that women have a moral duty to make money. Government posters exhorting women to work show them wearing hard hats or military uniforms. Maternity leave was increased to six months in 2013, high by regional standards. Public workfare programs targeted at women have the potential to empower them economically by providing jobs. However, the impact of public workfare programs on gender-based violence is theoretically ambiguous. They may contribute to its reduction through lowering financial stress or improving a woman’s bargaining position due to independent income. Yet, a woman’s higher income may also create incentives to use violence for extractive purposes; putting women in a position of provider at home and in male dominated sectors outside the home may create a backlash because these positions violate gender norms.

The Vietnamese children and women were kidnapped and brought to China to become slaves by both Chinese and Vietnamese pirates. Women’s rights have continued to increase in contemporary Vietnam, and women have increasingly held leadership positions. Vietnam has one of the highest female labour-force participation rates in the world and ranked the second most women in senior management among Asian countries.

How are Vietnam women in modern life?

This is due to the prevalent local attitudes and measures taken towards preventing divorce in order to preserve the family unit, rather than helping victims escape domestic abuse. Additionally, surveys have indicated that 87% of domestic violence victims in Vietnam do not seek support for their situation.

Human trafficking

In two important fields, economy and education, women make up more than 60 per cent of the total work force. If society does not consider women to be a main factor in development, it will not uphold women’s contribution. In many other countries, men are the families’ breadwinners, but in Viet Nam women make money at the same rate as men, or even better. Apart from economic fields, women also play a key role in building a happy home life.

Fighting the French

Despite the high visibility of trafficking for marriage in newspapers and international reports, empirical evidence is rare. This study is one of the first to provide the socio-economic characteristics of women trafficked into forced marriage and in post-trafficking services and to describe their experiences before, during and after their trafficking experience.

Trained interviewers conducted face-to-face interviews with all participants within their first 2 weeks of admission to the services after offering their informed consent. Individuals were excluded from the study if trained caseworkers deemed them too unwell to participate. The International Organization for Migration Vietnam office coordinated the data collection and entry, with oversight by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine between October 2011 and May 2013. The study was approved by the ethics committee check here of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Hanoi School of Public Health in Vietnam.

Working outside the home could reduce exposure to an abusive spouse, but it may increase harassment or assault outside the household. This paper analyzes the impacts of a public workfare program in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, a lower-middle-income Asian country, where the … At the time of the interview, three women (6%) aged 15, 16 and 19 said they never have had sex and did not experience sexual violence during their trafficking situation. Seven (16%) women stated that they were pregnant at the time of the interview and ten (22%) women reported a pregnancy during their trafficking situation. Seven women stated they had an intended termination of a pregnancy during the trafficking situation.

Not everybody who works in the nail industry views it that way, right? But there’s never been a long-term study of health outcomes of men and women who work in the nail salon industry. So for all the reporting and soapboxing on this issue, I would like to see real scientific data collected … Because the chemical companies could always point to the fact that there’s never been a study on the health of nail salon workers.

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