If it’s a completely unique product with no overlap whatsoever with existing exchange-related functionalities, then it’s best to begin from scratch. White-label solutions aren’t fit for requirements that involve high customization and complex use-cases such as lending, borrowing, and derivatives. However, in doing so, you must keep pace with the latest innovations and dynamic changes in technology. Moreover, your intended solutions must be resilient to surges in trading volume.

For investors looking to enter the cryptocurrency space, a centralized exchange is still the most common means of doing so. In the term “centralized cryptocurrency exchange,” the idea of centralization refers to using an intermediary or third party to help conduct transactions. This is common in a bank setup, where a customer trusts the bank to hold their money. Initial Exchange Offering or IEO has replaced ICOs to a large extent as it is a much safer and faster way to raise funds through crowdfunding. The existing Exchange infrastructure and user base is used to launch a new token offering where the existing users can invest using their wallets on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Its platform offers integration by API with a range of electronic wallets, including Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Yandex Money and Qiwi, as well as payment service and KYC providers. It has an affiliate system that rewards trades for referrals https://www.xcritical.in/white-label-crypto-exchange/ and provides
liquidity for multiple currency pairs. So how can you get in on the action quickly and set up a cryptocurrency exchange that will offer you all the functionality you believe will set you up for future success?

Furthermore, the platform has two distinct UIs for amateurs and professionals, alongside the scope for localization in 10 languages. While building a cryptocurrency exchange, you must first assess the benefits and drawbacks of a white-label solution. Enterprise white-label solutions are for a business that knows what they want, want it fast, and are willing to pay upfront for the consultancy, safety, and quality. With a high initial cost setup, you are essentially paying to get full rights to the exchange, which your solution will then be handed over to your team for eventually self-hosted, on-premise crypto exchange.

The reason for this setup is that banks offer security and monitoring that an individual cannot accomplish on their own. In the case of a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, the same principle applies. Transactors trust not only that the exchange will safely complete their transactions for them but also that it will use the network of users in the exchange to find trading partners. It is the name of a ready-made protocol that allows any company to launch a fully-functional crypto exchange platform.

“…bitcoin will be the currency to obsolete all others [monies].”, with that being said, you could say that Fidelity, one of the biggest money managers, probably would know a thing or two about money and its future. Trade Bitcoin, USDT and the top altcoins on the crypto asset Exchange. When it comes to successful trading, choosing the right forex broker is absolutely crucial – in fact, it’s the second most important… As a business owner, you can decide to integrate advanced trade surveillance and report systems. Ceres Power has developed fuel-cell technology that generates low-cost green energy and is licensing it to partners for sale and production.

Security Feature of Our White Label Crypto Exchange

This is a good opportunity to make some money from savings, become rich and look trendy in the eyes of friends. There is no need to spend time researching web studios that will create
high-quality design for you. Hundreds of clients are happy to use our interfaces for their
business. Totally adjustable and feature-rich trading platform with different widgets, unlimited workspaces, white/night mode and many more.

More people are looking into alternatives as a means of preserving their wealth. Cryptocurrencies provide a lucrative option, and an exchange is where these people congregate. Data shows that Bitcoin adoption in the United States as of June 2019 was 5 percent. In the same vein, more Americans Googled “Bitcoin” than they did the “royal wedding” in 2019. This adoption level is despite Bitcoin’s relative youth and the lack of regulatory clarity that has stifled the industry. News sources run segments on crypto, and analysts are paying more attention than ever.

Tracking of user activities based on IP and other variables to check suspicious activity; Checks against Blacklists. Give them a personal account manager to offer exceptional support to your most valuable clients. Chat or call a registered user if he failed to complete KYC or the deposit process.

Why does it make sense to create your own crypto exchange?

This makes HollaEx the only white-label available that actually uses its own technology to enhance the affordable and long turn viability of the software. HollaEx is the fastest way to get your crypto exchange up and trading in minutes. First, sign up and log in to the exchange dashboard and complete the 5-step exchange setup wizard. However, it can be difficult to find a white-label solution that you can test in a hands-on way. Most white-label software solutions won’t provide the code to download test and tinker with, however, HollaEx’s white-label crypto kit is an exception with its open-source code freely available for anyone to take it.

Process of Launching Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

You can limit access to the admin panel from certain
whitelisted IPs. By opting for a White Label concept, the company’s team members can devote their entire focus to essential tasks without getting sidetracked https://www.xcritical.in/ by irrelevant matters such as updating products or handling unnecessary problems. They agreed and can now offer their clients great exchange rates and reliable transfers that arrive when they say they will.

He is now just few steps ahead of making a deposit so don’t lose him. He already knows what his next step is i.e. to be an active trader, investor or algorithmic trader using API. No need to pay high credit card fees when you can accept crypto payments for as low as 0.4%. Blockchain transactions are irreversible with the added benefit of no chargebacks, recurring fees nor hidden charges.

White-label exchanges have a much lower barrier to entry when compared to creating an exchange from scratch. This is why the upstart costs for a DIY exchange are considerably lower, saving new businesses up to 95% on the initial exchange upstart cost. Normally, it would take a typical startup well over a year to create a crypto exchange with all the components above, costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in developer fees. And, this trend will only continue to rise due to the increased familiarity, improved perception, and more mature investment opportunities in the space.

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