In addition, as in any case, the professionalism of the Lucky Hunter team plays an important role, as well as the principle that we unconditionally follow in any business – the principle of partnership with the client. We excluded the USA from the search since the salaries of specialists from the USA are significantly higher than the market average and are beyond the financial capabilities of our client. Communication how to become a devops engineer skills are not just the ability to find common ground with other people. This is the ability to proficiently negotiate, participate in conferences and meetups, and have a well-bred speech. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Our unique value comes from our consultants being experts in management and leadership, as well as The Power Platform and Atlassian.

In addition to technical skills, this job function requires continuous willingness to learn, cooperate, and motivate teams. Since DevOps is often considered the bridge between development and operations teams, one of the most valuable skills is excellent communication and cooperation. Good communication and collaboration can spare an enormous amount of time and lead to higher-quality products. Further, clear communication is also vital when discussing business goals with stakeholders since it gives confidence that all sides aim for the same direction. More importantly, a DevOps engineer has outstanding knowledge and years of experience working in different technical environments.

More time spent on new features and code

SHL is seeking a DevOps Engineer who will be crucial in shaping and delivering future platforms, and installing a culture of DevOps and best practices. As just said, DevOps is a job function that matches a specific profile and personality. A good understanding of relevant tools is indeed correlated with its success. However, having a holistic vision of each step of the project and its processes also requires other non-technical skills. Third, to keep track of the development work and progress, source code management tools (e.g., Git and Raygun) are advantageous. These DevOps tools help ensure the project is coordinated, with good speed, and preserve data integrity.

This heavily automated approach provides increased governance through audit and automated testing and provides a foundation for self-healing architectures. With an excellent and in-depth knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle , the DevOps engineer ensures each phase’s success by supervising the code releases and deployments, as well as maintenance and updates. Moreover, DevOps engineers are also concerned about the automation and combination of processes. A good understanding of automation tools contributes to digital pipelines development.


We value Engineers who enjoy operating in roles with exposure to the full delivery lifecycle. The platform / DevOps department has just hired a new manager who is adopting a ‘Netflix model’ in terms of the technical team structure and methodologies. IT and technology are being revolutionised across the business but the key focus here is the migration of on-prem applications onto their public cloud environments . An exceptional DevOps engineer should have a vast and knowledgable technical skillset to automate and orchestrate processes across all teams involved in the product’s development and to establish CI/CD pipelines.

With a further increase anticipated this year as multiple tech businesses realise the benefits of DevOps Engineers that can work across functions, now is the time forge a sustainable career in the field. N4 is our managed Kubernetes service that operates across multiple platforms. With a large number of customers running hybrid environments, many cloud native container solutions offer integration with other platforms but don’t provide continuation of the management.

Job Details: DevOps Engineer

Our consultants are armed with industry-leading qualifications such as PMP , Prince2, P3O, and many more. Synapx is dedicated to positive customer experiences and complete all projects to the best standards. Get notified about new Devops Engineer Software Background jobs in London, England, United Kingdom. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Able to demonstrate an interest in new and emerging technologies and be eager to take on new challenges. System troubleshooting and problem solving across platform and application domains.

Using GitHub or Bitbucket can provide the right code repository for a source code management to integrate DevOps processes. A reliable and fast software supports a business and – as a valuable component – determines how customers interact with a particular company. As a job function, DevOps is still in its nascent years but has been showing great results. In addition to improving collaboration across development and IT teams, DevOps also enhances reliability, scalability, security, and speed throughout the entire process of software development. DevOps is a movement that combines cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to improve an organization’s ability to deliver high-quality applications and services at high velocity. The DevOps process has revolutionised technical teams in DevOps organisations.

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