Meetings can even occur in the sauna, like the one at our headquarters (heat off is preferred if you have your laptop with you). As author Viktor Frankl famously said, “when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”. The global pandemic provided companies and employees with the opportunity to adapt to a quickly changing world and welcome a new digital revolution.

One study found that only 44% of jobs are compatible with remote work, meaning more than half of all jobs carry an in-person requirement. Meanwhile, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and KPMG reported a rise in hiring of permanent staff in December for the first time since September. Bosses told a separate survey, by the Bank of England, that just over a third of their employees were continuing to work from home last month. Almost every chief finance officer – 97pc – surveyed by Deloitte expects more flexible and home working in the long-term. Strategically place bar tables and stools with their own monitors and docking stations, or tall-backed privacy couches with retractable power cables from the ceiling for power, to create working hubs alongside traditional desks. Office activities such as team building events, where people see each other in person and interact as a group, boost team spirit, create a social buzz and help turn professional relationships into personal ones.

Top 5 Latin American tech hubs

What employees experience day to day in the office has a huge influence on a company’s reputation, and how it attracts and retains talent. Without a physical space, it’s harder to implement activities and practices that create a strong company culture. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the role of the office, with many employees switching to home working and adapting well to the remote environment.

Creating a clear divide between work and home-life is another key issue for remote staff when trying to find a good work life balance. Outside of our own work and life, many reports claim that remote work provides a host of benefits to the environment. In addition to financial and time savings, some employees also claim that remote work is improving their wellbeing. Many firms have been actively encouraging remote work throughout the pandemic and continue to do so. Whilst much of the UK population are enjoying the flexibility of remote work, there is a significant portion of people who cannot work remotely.

Most information and communication businesses plan to use homeworking permanently

The return-to-office mandate asks non-remote employees to work from Salesforce offices at least three days a week. The business giant stated that over a third of its 59,300 UK full-time employees would continue to work from home, and a further 55% would adopt a blend of office and remote work. In 2022, Microsoft began calling employees back to its headquarters, but its return-to-office strategy hinges on hybrid work. While they still value and support flexibility as part of their hybrid workplace, employees whose schedules are more than 50% remote, must receive approval from managers.

companies going remote permanently

This in turn enables them to save on housing by relocating to more rural or suburban locations, or internationally. It signifies the democratization of opportunity and facilitates greater global movement of skills. Those seeking work in retail, hotel and catering businesses face a sustained slump in demand, however. “Part of the success of the last nine months has been that it is based on networks and knowledge and relationships which were built up in more normal times, and we will have to focus on replenishing that,” said Mr Stewart. Peterson joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss inflation concerns due to labor shortages and Omicron cases as well as the outlook for remote work.


For some, it will soon be over but for other organisations who have embraced remote working, this could be the new way they work. Even if staff are to return to work the offices, they are used to will cease to exist. Several health and safety regulations will need to be abided by to curb potential virus transmission.

The company is offering a whole variety of remote tech job opportunities so you can build your career from anywhere in the world. Your work schedule is totally in your control and the company offers full flexibility as long as it’s approved by the manager. Apple, another tech company you won’t need a description for, is offering lots of flexibility with work-from-home.

Biggest Companies Offering Remote Work Opportunities and Hybrid Options

You can check out the open job positions here and the different salaries for each role. People can work from anywhere, and all of our processes, communications, and culture will be designed remote-first, i.e. assuming every employee is remote. We’ll have office hubs in major cities where employees can work from if they want to, but the vast majority of our team won’t be expected to be in an office,” Pedro Franceschi, founder of Brex, wrote in a Medium post. “We will seek out amazing, diverse talent unbounded by the physical footprint of our offices. We will continue to compete for talent in the global hubs, and we will be able to create opportunities for those in places we would have previously not been able to reach,” the company wrote in a blog post. “…it will inevitably mean more flexible work, and allow more Boxers to be able to work from anywhere.

companies going remote permanently

After the forced closure of its offices last year, the company saw higher levels of productivity and overall happiness among its employees. When the pandemic hit, the company invested in tools to keep business operating on a fully remote basis, and plans to maintain as much of this as possible in future. Soundstripe is a stock music library for creators, founded by professional musicians. When businesses were forced to close their offices in March 2020, the Soundstripe team was well prepared for the changes, as it had already been planning a transition to remote working. This becomes mandatory if you work at home and are not surrounded by other office workers.

In April 2021, HSBC CEO Noel Quinn wrote in a LinkedIn post that most of the bank’s roles — including his and the executive team’s — would be done in a hybrid way. All of its 55,000-plus U.S. employees were able to request reimbursements on those costs an unlimited amount of times. In what they called the “EY way of working transition fund”, EY’s programme covered all commuting costs, all dependent care costs and all pet care costs for its U.S. workers so that those barriers would be removed for office visits. While employees can work flexibly for some of the time, EY also recognises the importance of employees working together in person for collaboration, relationship building, training and well-being purposes.

Also, although virtual meetings ensure you feel included and updated with company goals, activities, tasks etc, you may miss important info brought up or spoken about at the company site. Sprinklr offers great flexible work opportunities , including unlimited holidays and personal days off. The company is strongly recognised for its genuine and family-like work culture. Gaming-focussed leisure and entertainment group known for its flexible shift patterns. Employees comment they are able to change their schedule regularly depending on other commitments. This is great to ease work-life, especially during a tricky time, helping you to stay motivated at work.

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